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Dr. Brett Zubeck, and Dr.Megan Barnes
Your Prudenville/Houghton Lake/Roscommon County Chiropractors

Auto Accident Injuries

When I started at Life Chiropractic and Wellness Center I had headaches since 1981 from an auto accident along with hip and lower back pain. This is the first time in 34 years that I have no more headaches, back or hip pain. Life Chiropractic and Wellness Center was a life saver for me. I would recommend Life Chiropractic to everyone I know to get treatments for any type of pain. -Kathy

Neck Pain, Back Pain, and Acid Reflux

When I first came in to see the Doctor at Life Chiropractic & Wellness Center I was experiencing horrible neck pain when driving long distances, back pain, and acid reflux. This had been going on for at least 4 or 5 years. I tried using heat, ice, and icy hot to relieve the pain but nothing would take it away completely; it would always come back. The staff here treated me very nice and my pain has tremendously improved! I can now go on long car trips without having to suffer! My results under care have been awesome! My pain has dramatically decreased and my acid reflux has improved. I highly recommend Life Chiropractic & Wellness Center to anyone and everyone! They helped me and they could probably help you! -Wendell

Improvement to neck and back after years!

When I first started coming in I had a lower back problem to start with. After a couple of treatments my back was in good shape. It was my neck that I had problems with for years, the doctors x-ray’s said it was arthritis. After Dr. Zubeck started adjusting me it has improved by 70%. I would recommend Dr. Zubeck, in fact I already have to many people. Thank you very much. -Gary

Take a chance!

I started having trouble with my back about three years ago. I was having back spasms and everything I did made my back hurt more and more. I told my medical doctor about the pain and she ordered physical therapy two different times, it didn’t help at all. Finally she did a MRI and found that I had a humanoid arthritic curving spine. She told me not to see a chiropractor with the humanoid arthritis. Although I couldn’t straighten my back, had hard time walking, and was always hurting! I am so glad I came to Life Chiropractic & Wellness Center. I would tell anyone that the doctors there will find where your problem is as well as explaining what is causing it. They will truthfully tell you if they can help you. After four weeks, I am walking better and can straighten my back! I’m feeling a lot better than I did! -Margie

I Found My Happiness!

I started seeing the doctors about seven weeks ago. I was very afraid of getting Chiropractic treatments, although I have been dealing with pain from Fibromyalgia for over 20 years. I agreed to begin a ninety day program that was prescribed to receive better health and relief from the pain I was having. I never experienced any pain from my treatments, and I began to feel like I was myself again! I also got involved in a nutrition plan, which became a total new way of life for me. In that seven weeks, I lost 25 lbs. and I have more energy and happiness than I have ever thought was possible for me. I will continue my maintenance program. I am very grateful for the day I began chiropractic care and who I have met at Life Chiropractic &Wellness Center. I give grateful appreciation to ALL! -Paula

No Surgery Needed!

Before I came in to Life Chiropractic and Wellness Center I had back, neck, and left arm pain. I had carpel tunnel surgery scheduled. I cancelled the surgery because the chiropractic treatment helped, so no surgery was needed! I had no range of motion in my neck and I couldn’t walk far without back pain. My left arm had what felt like electrical currents shooting through it that was ongoing for about a year. I did not take medication or muscle relaxers, they are useless. Other Chiropractors didn’t work either. I was limited in walking, exercising, lifting, raking, and playing with my grandkids. The doctors had an orientation and everything was explained; X-rays, problems, etc. What I like about the office is the genuine care of both the doctors and staff. I can move my neck better, my left arm doesn’t hurt anymore and my back bends better too. Also, I can walk straighter and not feel like I’m always making a right hand turn. My whole body feels like it’s more in sync. I walk better, move better, and sleep better. I am happy with the results so far, and the best is yet to come! I will recommend them to anyone who needs help! -Donna

Sciatica Pain

I’m so glad I was told about Life Chiropractic and Wellness Center.  Thanks to my husband.  I was having sciatic nerve pain in my lower back and down my leg.  I was having trouble walking and sleeping. Dr. Brett Zubeck asked me questions and took x-rays.  My next visit he showed the x-rays to my husband and I and explained everything to us. He has given me treatments on my lower back, spine, and neck. After 30 days Dr. Megan Barnes saw me and she took x-rays and showed me my x-rays.  My lower back and spine were looking better.  She also gave me treatments on my lower back, spine and neck. Dr. Zubeck and Dr. Barnes are the BEST!!  When they enter the room, they smile and say hello and glad to see you Vicki.  They both make you feel your health is very important to them.  With my care, lower back pain is gone.  I feel great! The office staff are so friendly, they make you feel so welcome.-Vicki

Tired of Living in Pain

When I started coming to Life Chiropractic; I was having horrible back and neck pain. Parts of my upper back were numb and I could hardly turn my head. I was ready for a change and tired of living in pain. After looking at my x-rays; my neck was starting to curve the opposite way and my hips were 6.5mm off balance. I was surprised how serious my issues were. After my first week of treatments I had immediate relief. By far the best chiropractic care I have ever received! Now I can get out of bed, pick up my son, and work pain free! My body has improved so much and with continued care, I know I will be back to normal! -Rachel

Low Back Pain and Light Sensitive Headaches

I was experiencing low back pain and light sensitive headaches. The headaches would be so bad that I would have to lie in a dark room with a cold cloth over my eyes for 1-3 hours. My goals were to get relief of my symptoms and catch the problem early enough so that I didn't end up being a candidate for surgery in a few more years. Since I started my care I am no longer experiencing the frequent headaches and am noticing greater range of motion. I would recommend this office because of the pleasant nature of all the staff  including the doctors. They give outstanding quality of care and took the time to explain my conditions and how they could be fixed through chiropractic care. -Margie