Meet Dr. Bill Fisher


Dr. Bill Fisher

My name is Dr. Bill Fisher, D.C. I spent my whole life suffering with severe digestive issues and depression, At the age of 35 I met a chiropractor who told me that I was not broken, and that my body was able to heal from the inside out. My chiropractor changed my life. After I started focusing on what was causing my health problems and implementing chiropractic protocols, I was able to completely restore my health and come off of all of my medications. It was at that point, at the age of 35, I decided that I was going to become a chiropractor as well. I wanted to share my experience with as many people as I could. I started at Life University in 2011, and went on to get my bachelor degree in exercise science in 2014. I then went on to receive my doctor of chiropractic degree in 2018. While in school, I was fortunate to be able to serve my community through the Life University Clinic with a focus on pediatrics and family care. After graduation I moved my family down to Naples, Florida, where I spent an additional 18 months training to receive advanced certifications in spinal correction and patient care. My training also focused on education patients on the 5 pillars of health including nutrition, a healthy mindset, exercise, removing toxins, and of course the importance of removing interference to your nervous system. I was born and raised in Michigan, living in both Mackinac Island and the Detroit area. I am blessed and grateful to be able to come back home to Michigan with my family. I am looking forward to my family and I becoming part of the Houghton Lake area community and serving the great people and families that call this beautiful place home.